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FAQs: Rentals

Where all are the caravans available?

The caravan can be sent to you anywhere in India. But since we are based out of Ahmedabad, you will have to bear the dead-kilometer charges (Ahmedabad to starting location + Ending location to Ahmedabad) at an additional cost of Rs. 20/km (Fuel included. Toll + Border tax extra and as actual). If your trip is above 7 days, we will be happy to waive-off 500km from the dead-kilometer run.

Can we self-drive the van?

We currently only offer chauffeur-driven caravans and have no self-drive options. Additionally, your living space is separate and partitioned from the chauffeur’s to enable a relaxing journey- one that is devoid of the fatigue of driving heavy vehicles long distance.

Our chauffeur’s are strictly vetted and then trained to ensure your trip is smooth and hassle-free. They are also skilled in driving across different terrains and states.

How far and long can we rent the caravan for?

There is no limitation on the number of days or distance you can travel in our caravans. The per day rental is the minimum payable, and all days over it are simply added upon.

For distance, we recommend travel upto 300km/day to avoid driving fatigue, but should you need to travel farther than that, you will be charged Rs. 15/km over 300km.

What destinations can I travel to in the caravan?

We offer no fixed itineraries with our rentals and hence, the route and destinations are completely flexible and dependant upon you. For your assistance, we have put together some location suggestions for travel from Ahmedabad here.

Where can we park the van?

You can park at any scenic and safe safe spot with permissions from the landowners, and by paying the parking fee, if any. Our drivers are experienced and trained to find such spots on the route. For overnight parking, a general bet is parking lots of hotels or dhabas in sub-urban areas. It is recommended you plan and research your stopovers beforehand.

What about parking norms?

Since the caravan industry is just starting to come up in India, we don’t have state-sponsored caravan parks yet. This requires us to rely on informal parking agreements with hotels, dhabas, public parking lots, or such spaces on-the-go. In lesser-populated/wild areas, one must again take permissions and paying a parking fee (if any) to the concerned authorities then and there.

Can I bring my pup along?

We love furry friends and you can bring yours along for a small cleaning fee of Rs. 1500/pet/trip. Be sure to stay with your pets at all times, keep them on a leash when outdoors, and always clean up after them. All dog waste must be cleaned up by the owner itself.

Do you have early check-in & check-out?

Our check-in time is 6 AM and check-out time is 8AM (26-hour period). We offer late check-out at a fee of Rs. 1200/hour beyond 8AM, subject to availability and upto maximum 4 hours. After 12 PM, a new rental day and fee will be applied.

What should we bring/pack along?

Bringing these Bare Essentials will keep you light : Toothbrush + toothpaste, walking shoes for outdoor terrain, a good book, your favourite board games, and cooking perishables.

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