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About Us

Vahn comes from a family of travellers.

The road has always been our second home, with plans spurting in seconds and moving in a matter of minutes. Above this, the pandemic taught us that time wasn’t infinite, and that we should be using it more consciously. For us, that meant celebrating the group that was our family and doing so safely yet nomadically. So..

  1. We constructed a camper for ourselves.
  2. Toured in it extensively around our home-ground Rajasthan through locked-down 2020.
  3. Had the uniquest experiences that were independent of stays in hotels or bound by pre-determined destinations. We travelled as far and wide as we liked, even accommodating those last-minute detours to ‘grammable spots.
  4. Realised we wanted more people to travel this way.

So all of 2021, we designed and developed Vahn: a caravan rental & conversion company that seeks to bring this liberating travel experience to everyone in India. With a background in Automobile and Industrial Design, we have been able to design caravans that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Come, join us for the ride…

You could be…

The soloist wanting to be inspired for your next book, song, or company, or the free-spirited couple seeking a work from-everywhere life. You could be the seasoned family looking to do something new in your ‘done-enough-together’ life, or the big, wild troop on the hunt for their next getaway.

Vahn is for you.

Why us?

Beautiful Interiors

Our caravans are thoughtfully built for those who know the experience is in the details. The fluid interiors offer a seamless travel and living experience, such that each time you walk into the van, a sense of comfort and home envelops you.

Unlimited Miles

Unlike a plane, train, or bus ride that lets you travel between pre-determined destinations, our unlimited miles policy lets you travel as far as you like, even accommodating those last-minute detours to a ‘grammable spot.

Location Ideas

Want to rent a caravan but unsure where to go? Worry not! We’ve curated a small list of location suggestions you can travel to. So pack your gypsy gear and get ready to eat the best food, watch sunrises and get lost in the woods.