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Milk Teeth Tour

Locations: Ahmedabad-Baroda-Mumbai-Pune-Sankeshwar-Goa-Bengaluru-Chennai-Orvakal-Hyderabad

Van: Roller

Days: 22

Pax: 6

That’s exactly why we had a strong desire to fuel the engines at Vahn with not just crude, but also, some very creative oils. That’s why we partnered with the talented folks at Pagal Haina and drove one of the country’s finest singer/songwriters Shantanu Pandit on an epic 5000km+ road tour, taking his acclaimed debut album Milk Teeth to audiences nationwide. Just the man and his guitar touring for almost a month through 8 cities and playing 9 concerts.

“I’ve always had a turbulent relationship with the concept of home. I’ve been hopping from one place to another for longer than I can remember now. 2 years ago I realised that the road was the closest thing to home that I could identify with.

My first tour, and the first of it’s kind. This was meant to be.”

While all the concerts were stripped down, solo, and intimate, the road journey was anything but. The crew of 6 including the P.H. founder, tour manager, filmmaker, cinematographer, and media designer accompanied Shantanu and Karshini Nair as they sang, ate, cooked, watched movies, slept, and just revelled in the spirit of slow travel.

In Shantanu’s words, “Touring in the Roller courtesy Vahn these past 3 weeks feels like a dream. A dream that I’m not ready to wake up from. The overwhelming sense of gratitude I feel for Moksha Gandhi and Vahn for believing in me and Pagal Haina is far greater than I can articulate. These past 3 weeks have changed my life, and I will look back at this time forever.”